The Brief

Promote the new Fire and Ice Sour Patch Kids through interesting and eye-catching game play incorporating some of Australia's best gaming talent.




August - September 2019

In August of 2019, a huge collaborative project took place with the Sour Patch Kids team at Mondelez and the Essendon Bombers professional esports team, specifically Rogue and Looch from the League of Legends team. All for their new Fire & Freeze Sour Patch Kids range.

Partnered with two professional Twitch streamers, GeekGG and x5_PiG, the teams competed in a variety of game types within League of Legends with some serious consequences for the losing team at the end of the round. Challenges were themed around the ‘Fire and Freeze’ premise that included the losing team submerging themselves in an ice bath while chewing on some SUPER hot chillies.

Along with the spectacle of challenges being completed by loved Twitch streamers and professional esports players, viewers were provided with insight of game play tactics from some of the best professional gamers in Australia.