How We Workwith Talent:


Your Brief

Through sending us your brief we are able to gauge what your company and brand desires as a result of the contact and can work towards your goals from beginning to end of the campaign


Our Talents & Contacts

Your brief allows us to source and communicate with the talent most suited to your ideals and desired outcomes. We have the ability to reach out to our contacts and partners to create the best content possible.



We have a real one on one connection with the talent we use for your campaign. We are able to communicate easily and quickly with them and the foundation of trust we have built makes understanding and creating the content quick and easy


Meaningful Content

The content we create is real and meaningful, the talent used always has an authentic and genuine relationship with their audience. For your brand this has a long term effect on the engagement of the campaign.

Ashton Wood

Australia's Favourite Beauty Guru

Ashton is our favourite beauty/lifestyle creator because of her hard-working and honest personality. She’s committed to creating content that is relatable and fitted to her audience. While her pictures show a gorgeous girl and great life she isn’t afraid to get real with her followers and often opens up about her struggles in the industry and her struggles with staying on top of everything.

This authenticity creates a real bond between her as a creator and her audience as followers. Allowing for trust between each other has created a loyal group of followers who she cares for and care for her. We love to support Ashton in the promotion of products that mean something to her and allow her to connect to her audience.

Alright Hey!

Australia's biggest glamazon.

Alright Hey! Has been one of our favourite creators since he started his channel four years ago. His creative and fresh video ideas never fail to make us laugh and the same goes for his loyal audience.

His easy mix of humour and important messages allow his audience to feel connected to him on a personal level as he explores important life journeys such as weight loss and the common experiences that young adults go through.

Ben Gerrans

Sydney's Most Adventurous Youtuber

Ben Gerrans is a young Sydney local who kick started his new channel at the beginning of 2019 and has seen nothing but success since. His growth is rapid and his engagement is loyal, with an audience like Ben’s his content is constantly appreciated. His videos consist of high energy challenges, vlogs and much more. They have a natural Australian charm to them that can’t be denied. His genuine authenticity and passion for making content to entertain creates an active audience and loyal subscribers.

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