The Brief

The campaign we teamed up for allowed our content creators to share with their audience an awesome discount code which took $250 off the bed base + mattress combo.

Traction Talents

Brandon Kilgour
Ashton Wood
Ben Gerrans


5+ pieces of content


October 2018 – February of 2019

IGTV Views


Youtube Views


Instagram Likes


We loved working with Koala for this opportunity and if you would like to join us and work with us in the same way feel free to contact us and let us know!

As management for Ashton Wood, Brandon Kilgour and Ben Gerrans we recently teamed up with some of our favourites over at Koala Mattress to show the world just how awesome it is to work with a eco-friendly, financially aware brand. The Koala campaign included 3 talent who we just love!

Teaming up with this brand was a great opportunity to spread awareness of everything the brand stands for! Koala is a young company that combines two of the best inventions: furniture and the internet! They don’t participate in the furniture industries common practices such as showrooms but rather work to make sure their products suit each and every person as best as possible while staying affordable.