The Brief

Drive awareness and cut-through for NDG in Australia and inspire new consumption occasions, educate audiences on the wide capabilities of NDG and the benefits of quality, versatility and ease of us and encourage consumers to click through and purchase

Traction Talents

Jo Casamento


30+ pieces of content created


September 2019 – October of 2019

Instagram Story Views


Accounts Reached on Instagram and Facebook


“Using talent that had teenage children we were to spread the message and meaning of a peaceful moment to yourself with a relaxing coffee.”

As management for Jo Casamento she was able to promote the product to her mature audience and connect with those who need the message of a moment to self the most. We love working on campaigns that reach a new and under-targeted audience in the industry.

This campaign required a large amount of work and content from just one individual talent but through our ability to work one on and one a form trusting relationships we were able to smoothly complete the campaign promptly.