The Brief

To create a real and authentic campaign to promote W Hotel Brisbane's beautiful and exciting features.

Traction Talent

Will Schmarr
Ashton Wood


4+ Pieces of social content created
50+ Pieces of W Hotel owned content


January 2019

“In the space of one day we had to create an abundance of meaningful, creative and exciting content for W Hotel Brisbane to use across their socials.”

For this campaign in January of 2019 we worked as management of our favourite IG couple; Will Schmarr and Ashton Wood. Having managed these guys before and working with them constantly for the past few years we were able to put forward these talent as having a real, authentic and meaningful relationship that would come across successfully on camera.

Having a full day shoot was exhausting but rewarding, we had talent running around Brisbane and every second was made enjoyable from the relaxing and fun team that worked on this project together. Having a genuine relationship with our talent helps with creating this stress free environment that we so often strive for on shoot days, being able to communicate with trust in a safe relationship allows our talent to put 110% into every campaign and easily communicate any issues that may arise.